Vitamin K2 + D3

The most important function of the K2 Vitamin is to regulate and direct calcium deposition and help bone metabolism. It is found in leafy greens, fermented legumes and vegetables in the form of MK-7, as well as in animal-sourced foods such as eggs and cheese in the form of MK-4. Studies suggest that Vitamin D with K2 can help minimize the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. It promotes the healthy calcification of bones, while reducing the unhealthy calcification of blood vessels in the heart and kidneys.

Divine Bounty’s formula offers some of the highest strength doses of Vitamin D3 ( 5000 IU ) and Vitamin K2 ( 500 mcg of MK 4 and 100 mcg of MK 7 ) available in each capsule.

Vitamin K + D - Vitamin K aids in accumulation of calcium in your bones and teeth, optimizing heart health, as well as helping with blood clotting, while Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and appropriate calcium levels in your blood, and is well sought as studies have shown that Vit D deficiency can lead to bone loss.


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