Glucosamine MSM

The Divine Bounty formula has been carefully crafted to provide maximum support for healthy joints*.

Glucosamine Sulfate - The strongest Glucosamine MSM supplement on the market. 2000mg of glucosamine sulfate per serving. Our glucosamine is shellfish free, which means it is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans.

MSM - 1400mg MSM is also included per serving. Glucosamine and MSM are two scientifically backed ingredients to support joint health*. They work together to support joint mobility and flexibility*.

No Nasty Ingredients - The Divine Bounty Glucosamine and MSM supplement is GMO free and contsins no gluten, shellfish, soy, milk, wheat, egg or peanuts. No binders, filler or artificial ingredients. No stearates, preservatives, titanium dioxide and silicone dioxide. Buy your bottle today!


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