Our Turmeric Curcumin

The Divine Bounty formula has been carefully crafted to include all of the necessary ingredients for the best possible absorption of curcumin:

Curcumin -  Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric that is believed to be the source of the spice's many health benefits. Pure turmeric only contains 2-6% of active curcuminoids, so an extraction process is needed to refine the curcumin. We use 95% standardized curcuminoids which means you are getting a highly potent dose of curcumin. 

BioPerine® - Another patented ingredient, BioPerine® is a well-researched piperine (or black pepper) extract. Curcumin is known to be very poorly absorbed by the body, but testing has demonstrated that BioPerine® can enhance nutrient absorption in the body by as much as 2000%*.  We have added the ideal amount of black pepper extract to ensure the curcumin doesn't pass through your body unabsorbed.

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Our Glucosamine MSM Formula

The Divine Bounty formula has been carefully crafted to provide maximum support for healthy joints*

Glucosamine Sulfate  - The strongest Glucosamine MSM supplement on the market. 2000mg of glucosamine sulfate per serving. Our glucosamine is shellfish free, which means it is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans. 

MSM - 1400mg MSM is also included per serving. Glucosamine and MSM are two scientifically backed ingredients to support joint health*. They work together to support joint mobility and flexibility*. 

No Nasty Ingredients - The Divine Bounty Glucosamine and MSM supplement is GMO free and contsins no gluten, shellfish, soy, milk, wheat, egg or peanuts. No binders, filler or artificial ingredients. No stearates, preservatives, titanium dioxide and silicone dioxide. Buy your bottle today!

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Our Extra Strength Resveratrol Formula

Like all Divine Bounty products, the Resveratrol formula has been carefully crafted to provide you with a extra strength supplement enriched with goodness and free from unnecessary nasties!

Reseveratrol  - This one of the most potent Resveratrol supplements available on the market. Resveratrol is a supplement designed to promote healthy aging and support cardiovascular health*.

Added Extracts - Each 1400mg serving includes some of nature's finest ingredients including: grape seed, green tea, acai berry and red wine extracts. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. 

Pure Goodness - The Divine Bounty Resveratrol supplement is free from common allergens including: soy, peanuts, milk, gluten, shellfish, corn and wheat. This product also has no preservatives, binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. We also use vegetarian capsules.

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Our Concentrated Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is often studied for helping to detoxify, cleanse and repair the body. Many consumers use it as a liver cleanse, to promote colon health, and to flush out any toxins and unwanted chemicals.

Since Milk Thistle is often used to cleanse and detox, you don't want to put other nasty ingredients back into your body. Our formula is made up of only pure ingredients with no harmful additives.

Milk Thistle  - Each capsule contains 300mg of potent 4:1 Milk Thistle Extract. This means you get the equivalent of 1200mg milk thistle extract in just ONE capsule. 

Pure Goodness - The Divine Bounty Milk Thistle supplement is free from common allergens including: soy, peanuts, milk, gluten, shellfish, corn and wheat. This product also has no preservatives, binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. We proudly use vegetarian capsules.

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Our D-Mannose Formula

Nobody enjoys having a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. D-Mannose, found in cranberries and other plants, has been studied for helping the body eliminate bacteria in the urinary tract. Combined with Cranberry Extract and Dandelion Extract, our D-Mannose formula is designed for maximum efficacy.

D Mannose  - Our extra strength formula contains an incredible 600mg D-Mannose in just one capsule

Added Extracts  - This powerful formula includes cranberry juice powder and dandelion extract for superior UTI support.

Pure Goodness - The Divine Bounty D-Mannose supplement is free from common allergens including: soy, peanuts, milk, gluten, shellfish, corn and wheat. This product also has no preservatives, binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. We proudly use vegetarian capsules.

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Our Magnesium Citrate Formula

Magnesium deficiency is an increasing problem in current society. While many doctors are now recommending supplementation to increase natural levels of magnesium in the body, few people realize that not all forms of magnesium are created equal.

We have selected Magnesium Citrate for our formula because it is one of the easiest forms for the body to actually absorb. While other forms of magnesium may contain a greater percentage of elemental magnesium per gram, the molecules are more difficult for the body to absorb.

Magnesium Citrate  - Our extra strength formula contains an incredible 1300mg of Magnesium Citrate per serving. This means you get 208mg of highly bioavailable Elemental Magnesium.

Pure Goodness - The Divine Bounty Magnesium Citrate supplement is free from common allergens including: soy, peanuts, milk, gluten, shellfish, corn and wheat. This product also has no preservatives, binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. We proudly use vegetarian capsules.

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Our Acetyl L-Carnitine Formula

While there are many different forms of l-carnitine, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) has proven to be one of the best sources for the human body. 

Scientist often recommend Acetyl L-Carnitine for its ability to support brain and congnitive function, promote energy production, improve insulin sensitivity, and alleviate the effects of aging and disease on mitochondria.

Acetyl L-Carnitine  - One of the strongest supplements on the market, each serving provinde an incredible 1200mg of acetyl l-carnitine.

Pure Goodness - The Divine Bounty Acetyl L-Carnitine supplement is free from common allergens including: soy, peanuts, milk, gluten, shellfish, corn and wheat. This product also has no preservatives, binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. We proudly use vegetarian capsules.

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Our Activated Charcoal Formula

An incredible ingredient that has super absorbent powers, Activated Charcoal soaks up bacteria and toxins that cause many stomach discomforts such as gas, IBS, bloating, and food poisoning.

While most brands contain less than 300mg per serving, Divine Bounty offers 600mg of Activated Charcoal in just one single capsule. Our formula is made up of only pure, organic, steam activated, ultra fine coconut shell charcoal with no harmful additives. Our capsules are GMO free, soy free, gluten free and have no preservatives, stearates, silicone dioxide or artificial ingredients.

Activated Charcoal - Featuring millions of microscopic pores that grab onto and remove up to 100 times its weight in toxins, its effectiveness is due to its negative electric charge, which attracts and binds itself to positively charged toxins in the body.

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Our Pure Berberine Formula

Berberine is one of few supplements with human trials that support the positive health claims. It is often supplemented for its blood sugar regulation and anti-inflammatory effects, but has also been heavily studied as a way to improve intestinal health and lower cholesterol.

While most brands contain 400-500mg (or less) per capsule, Divine Bounty offers 600mg of pure Berberine in just one capsule. With a single capsule delivering 600mg of concentrated Berberine extract straight to your digestive tract, there's no better way to absorb this powerful herb.

Berberine HCl - Studies suggest that Berberine decreases insulin resistance, making the blood sugar lowering hormone insulin more effective. Scientists also believe it is able to decrease glucose production in the liver and increases glycolysis, helping the body break down sugars inside cells.

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Our Organic Ashwagandha Formula

An ancient ayurvedic herb from India, Ashwagandha has long been sought for aiding in relaxation, natural calmness and alleviating mood swings and depression. Studies also show it may support anxiety relief, energy, lessen panic attacks, and help with weight loss and chronic fatigue. 

Our extra strength Ashwagandha complex contains an incredible 1200mg ashwagandha root powder per serving, plus black pepper extract for superior absorption. Most comparable brands offer a lower 1000mg potency formula in two ashwagandha 500mg tablets per serving.

Ashwagandha - A powerful adaptogenic herb that aids our body's natural ability to deal with and adapt to daily mental stresses. It restores balance physically in our body by increasing effectiveness in recovering from stress, while also fortifying immunity and fostering natural energy. 

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Our Super B-Complex Formula

The B-complex group is an eight-member vitamin family (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 Folic Acid, and B12) with functions so interrelated, it’s recommended to take them concurrently to create a synergistic effect and reap maximum benefits. They are water-soluble vitamins, not easily stored in the body and thus need to be replenished frequently. 

Divine Bounty’s B Vitamin Complex blends the main essential vitamins that work together to decrease the effects of stress from the adrenal glands, and maintain heart and nervous system health. 

Vitamin B Complex - Found naturally in meat, vegetables, and whole or fortified grains, B complex supports your body in converting food into energy and aid in forming red blood cells. Studies show it can help to counter symptoms of deficiency including things such as fatigue, anemia, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, hair loss, and eczema.

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Our Rhodiola Rosea Formula

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that's used to help the body adapt to stress. In addition to supporting the immune and thyroid systems, science suggests Rhodiola Rosea may boost energy, mood, and cognitive performance. Our extra strength formula contains 500 mg of Rhodiola Rosea root extract powder in just one capsule. 

Divine Bounty’s Rhodiola is harvested from the Arctic meadows of Siberia, and is kept pure and standardized to maintain a minimum of 3% Rosavins and 1% Solidroside, the main active ingredients, for the optimal potency ratio that has been used in numerous scientific studies.

Rhodiola Rosea - Also known as Golden Root, Roseroot, or King’s Crown, Rhodiola is a natural Adaptogen that has been found to help the body adapt to stress by helping restore balance when the adrenal glands are overworked. It aids your body by better enabling it to manage, adapt and overcome physical or emotional stresses.

EAN: 9506000122298

Our Digestive Enzyme Formula

Digestive Enzymes aid in the replenishment and fortifying of the body’s enzyme levels, promoting healthy digestion and delivery of vital nutrients to the body. Enzymes also allow you to eat comfortably as well as help regain energy lost from poor digestion.

Divine Bounty’s highly active enzyme formula, combined with a pre- and probiotic blend, promotes healthy digestion of fats, oils, proteins, carbohydrates and dairy, while also supporting a healthy digestive flora and bacterial balance inside your body.

Digestive Enzymes - Optimize your digestion, while saving you energy in the process. Enzymes such as Alpha-Galactosidase and Beta-Glucanase help break down vegetables, beans and grains, while others like Glucoamylase and Invertase aid in the digestion of sugars.

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Our Men's Multivitamin Formula

Our bodies sometimes don't produce all the essential elements needed for optimal health, or store vitamins for long periods of time. Therefore multivitamin supplements can really help to support these natural deficiencies.

Divine Bounty has crafted a formula very carefully, creating one of the most potent mens multivitamin formulas available, including five additional ingredient blends that target specific functions that men rely on to keep them healthy and going strong, through strenuous activities, daily life, and taxing physical and mental environments.

Daily Multivitamin - Every capsule contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids - each ingredient chosen for its performance capabilities, designed to boost focus, vision, energy, libido, digestion, immune, heart and nervous systems. 

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.